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    Social Media Temps (SMT) is a team of experienced social media strategists, qualified and effective content creators, and professional digital consultants. We're smart and creative. But mostly, SMT is focused on your business objectives and on delivering optimum ROI for you. Learn More

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    Costly ad agency bills and the demands of in-house staff are no longer hurdles to great digital campaigns. Why? Because Social Media Temps (SMT) will: Develop your social media strategy, Enhance your existing marketing activity with content marketing, Manage your...Learn More

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    Whether you need a temporary social media specialist or a wholistic social media and content marketing solution, Social Media Temps (SMT) delivers flexible, tailored packages to suit your business needs. Talent and solutions. All in one effective step. Why? Because we know how...Learn More

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    The 20 Years Behind SMT

    SMT was borne of 20 years' experience in business and strategy consulting as CCS. Find out more about the wealth of experience and success powering us. Learn More

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    What Clients Say About SMT

    “When we engaged Social Media Temps (SMT) to handle our Drink & Play Facebook page, we had no idea of the incredible success we’d have! In only 8 months, SMT built almost 10 000 Facebook fans and they’ve driven the best online hype we could have hoped for. When our drink & play fruit drink hit the shelves with one of our national retailer they were sold out in three weeks. What more could you ask for?” -- Kevin Koton, Drink & Play

    What Trainees Say About SMT

    “The social media training we received from Social Media Temps (SMT) was excellent! Great trainer... very knowledgable and very easy to follow.” -- McDonald Media Group

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